This is the full profile of Dr. Suleiman A. Ahmad
Senior Lecturer
Humble and dedicated to academia
Personal Details
Contact Details
Full Name: Dr. Suleiman A. Ahmad Email: saahmad@fudutsinma.edu.ng
Gender: Male Mobile No.: 08130706496
Marital Status: Married Contact Address: Educational Foundations Department
Nationality: Nigerian
Place of Birth
State of Origin: Bauchi State: Bauchi
Local Govt.: Katagum Local Govt.: Katagum
Town/City: Azare Town/City: Azare
Extra Curricular Activities:  

S/N Cert. Type Awarding Institution Qualification Obtained Year Obtained
1 PGD/PGDE BUK, Kano Higher Professional Diploma in Computer Studies 2006
2 Others Digital Bridge Institute Advance Digital Training (ADPTI) 2007
3 Others American University of Nigeria Yola IT Essential Cisco Certificate 2015
4 Others American University of Nigeria Yola Cyber Security Cisco Certificate 2016
5 Others Digital Bridge Institute Advance Digital Training on Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) 2017

Professional Qualifications
S/N Name Awarding Body Certificate No. Issue Date Expiry Date
1 CCNA Intro to Networking Cisco Certifciate American University of Nigeria Yola 1234 2017 nil
2 CCNA R&S Cisco American University of Nigeria Yola 2345 2017 nil
3 Cyber Ops Cisco American University of Nigeria Yola 5678 2019 nil
4 The future of Cyber security and security portfolio ABU Zaria nil 2019 nil
5 International Computer Driving License Certificate ICDL AAJ at ICDL/Africa (Katsina) nil 2020 nil

S/N Name Awarding Institution Year Additional Info.
1 Patron Katagum Student Association of Nigeria 2013 Patron
2 Patron National Union of Bauchi State Student Union 2018 Patron

Working Experience
S/N Employer Position/Rank Responsibility From To
1 Bauchi State Govenement Class Teacher Teaching 1992 2001
2 Bauchi State Govenement College of Education Azare Lecturer Teaching 2001 2017
3 Bauchi State Govenement Bauchi State University Gadau Lecturer (Secondment) Teaching 2012 2017
4 Federal Government of Nigeria Federal University Dutsin-Ma Lecturer Teaching 2017 Date
5 Bauchi State Govenement College of Education Azare HOD Curriculum Leadership 2011 2013
6 College of Education Azare HOD Computer Education Leadership 2016 2017
7 College of Education Azare Coordinator Computer Center Leadership 2002 2006
8 College of Education Azare Teaching Practice Coordinator Leadership 2011 2013
9 College of Education Azare Deputy Director Academic Planning Leadership 2012 2015
10 Bauchi State University Gadau Pioneer HOD Education Leadership 2012 2014
11 Bauchi State University Gadau Ag. Director Academic Planning Leadership 2013 2015
12 Bauchi State University Gadau Coordinator Staff Postgraduate Training Leadership 2013 2015
13 College of Education Azare Director Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Leadership 2013 2016
14 College of Education Azare Desk officer TETFund (Academics) Leadership 2012 2016
15 College of Education Azare General Manager College Investment And Consultancy Services (COLLINVEST) Leadership 2016 2016
16 Aminu Sale College of Education Azare Director ICT Leadership 2016 2017
17 Federal University Dutsin-Ma Coordinator 400Level Mentoship 2017 2020
18 Federal University Dutsin-Ma Director ICT Leadership 2018 2021
19 Federal University Dutsin-Ma Pioneer Director Quality Assurance Leadership 2022 2023

Community Services
S/N Description Participation Institution Date From Date To
1 Planting of 500 plant of various tree specie at main campus Federal University Dutsin-Ma Founder Federal University Dutsin-Ma 2019 2019
2 o Traffic Signboards along Potiskum road Azare Founder along Potiskum road Azare Aminu Sale College of Education Azare 2011 2011
3 o Donations of 50 Books and Journals to Abu Ali Library COE Azare Founder Abu Ali Library COE Azare 2012 2012

Completed Research
S/N Title Start Date Completed Date
1 Cyber bully and Academic Performance (TETFUND) 2012 2013
2 Smart Technologies and Academic Achievements (TETFUND) 2014 2015
3 Digital Divide and Quality Teaching / Learning: The Paradox about Nigerian Tertiary Teacher Traini 2016 2017
4 Awareness and Acceptance of Green Computing in Nigerian Universities: A Structural Equation Mod 2018 2020


S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Publisher Edition
1 Suleiman A. A. Shehu Mohd and Tata Umar Saad Suleiman A. A. Shehu Mohd and Tata Umar Saad (2016). Technology in Teaching and Learning: The challenges of the 21st Century. 2016 Hamida Printing Press and Publishing (Published) ISBN: 978-978-952-329-0 first
2 Suleiman A. A. (2015 Revised). Social Networking Mindset and Education. 2015 Jimust Publishing. ISBN 978-978-942-653-9 (Published) revised
3 Suleiman A. A., Auwal, D. Yahaya, S.W. General issues in the Nigerian Education System, 2013 Jimust Printing and Publishing, Azare. ISBN: 978-978-934-008-8 (Published) first
4 Suleiman A. A. (2012). Social Networking Mindset and the Education among academics 2012 LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing. Akademikerverlag GmbH & Co. KG. Heinrich-Böcking-Str. 6-8, 66121, Saarbrücken, Germany. ISBN: 978-3-8443-2775-5(Published) first
5 Suleiman A. A. and Umar Ahmad (2020) Book of Reading on: Information and Communication Technology in Nigerian Education System 2020 Ahmadu Bello University Press, Zaria. Nigeria, 2020. ISBN:978-978-980-124-4

Chapters in Book

Papers in Learned Journals
S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Name of Journal Page Number Edition Link/URL
1 Suleiman A. Ahmad, Ph.D. STUDENTS’ ATTITUDE TOWARDS USING WHATSAPP FOR EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES AT FEDERAL UNIVERSITY DUTSIN-MA, KATSINA STATE, NIGERIA 2020 FUDMA Journal of Sciences (FJS) ISSN online: 2616-1370 ISSN print: 2645 - 2944 pp 749 – 757 Vol. 4 No. 2, June, 2020, DOI: https://doi.org/10.33003/fjs-2020-0402-438
2 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2020) Digital Divide Versus Quality Education: The Paradox about Colleges of Education in Katsina State 2020 FUDMA Journal of Educational Foundations (FUJEF pp 76-89 Volume 3, Number 2, August, 2020) http://journal.fudutsinma.edu.ng/index.php/fujef/article/view/1775
3 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2019) The effect of social media on students’ academic performance. 2019 Asian Journal of education and e-learning (AJEEL) Japan (2019) 00 Vol. 7 No. 1 (2019): February 2019 https://www.Doi:10.24203/AJEEL.V7I.5616 https://ajouronline.com/index.php/AJEEL/issue/archive
4 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2019) Cyber Crime and the Sociological Implication in the Nigeria's Tertiary Education System 2019 Federal University Dutsin-ma Journal of Science (FJS). Faculty of Science. 2019 249-257 Vol. 3 No. 1 http://journal.fudutsinma.edu.ng/index.php/fjs/article/view/475
5 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2018) Digital Competence and Nigerian University Lecturers 2018 Federal University Dutsin-ma Journal of Educational Research. Faculty of Education 200-215 Vol 1.No2 Nil
6 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2018) Role of ICT In Teaching and Learning Physics: Focus on Senior Secondary Schools in Azare Town 2018 Federal University Dutsin-ma Journal of Educational Foundations (FUJEF). 2018 70-78 Vol. 1 No. 1 http://journal.fudutsinma.edu.ng/index.php/fujef/article/view/1027
7 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2015) Social Media and Social Capital: The role of National Open University of Nigeria 2015 New Media and Mass Communication Journal. USA ISSN: Print 2224-3267: online 2224-3275 Pp. 20- 26 Vol. 31 No. 1 http://www.iiste.org/index/NMMC/article/view/17273
8 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2015) Leveraging Nigerian Education System: The Comparative Advantage. 2015 Journal of Education and Technology. USA. ISSN: Print 2222-1735, Online 2222-288X Pp. 29-38 Vol. 5 No 36. http://www.iiste.org/Journals/index.php/JEP/article/view/17468
9 Suleiman A. A., (2015) Holography in the Nigerian Education System. Readiness for a Redress 2015 ICHE e.journal of humanities sciences and education Pp 40-47 Vol. 1 No. 2 www.worldresearchconference.com/journals/iche/content-index%20-.html
10 Suleiman A. Ahmad (2014) Smart Teachers plus Smart Technologies Equals To Smart Students. 2014 International Journal of Multidisciplinary Thought, USA CD-ROM. ISSN: 2156-6992: 3(3):81-93 (2013) UniversityPublications.net Pp 81-93 CD-ROM. ISSN: 2156-6992: Vol. 3 No (3) http://www.universitypublications.net/ijmt/0303/html/H3V464.xml
11 Suleiman A. A., and Usman M., (2014) Technophobia and ICT tools IN Teaching and Learning Academic Staff of Nigerian Universities in Focus 2014 Indian Journal of Applied Research, Ahamebad, India. Vol.3. Issue 12. ISSN: 2249- 555x. Pp. 161-165 Pp. 161-165 Vol.3. Issue 12. www.theglobaljournals.com/ijar/issues.php?m=December&y= 2013&id=27
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17 Suleiman A. A., Umar B.C., Abdu M. G., Shehu I. and Nasiru A. A. (2011) The need for MOODLE as a Learning Management System in Nigerian Universities: Digesting University Utara Malaysia Learning Zone as a case study 2011 Ari_Savap, Pakistan. ISSN: Print: 2223-9553, ISSN: Online: 2223-9944. Pp.444 - 460 Vol. 2 No 3 http://www.savap.org.pk//2012(2.3-55).pdf
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23 Suleiman A. Ahmad and Suleiman Jibril AUGMENTED REALITY FOR AUGMENTING EDUCATION 2021 Contemporary Journal of Education and Development Vol.1, Issue: 02; September - 2021 ISSN (5501 – 7201); p –ISSN (6315 – 4021) 10-21 Vol.1 No. 02 www. https://cirdjournal.com/index.php/cjed/
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Conference Proceedings
S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Conference Organizers Edition Link/URL
1 Suleiman A. A., (2009). Bridging the Digital Divide with OLPC OX: The Actualization of Digital Society or a Digital Hegemony 2009 A conference paper presented at International Conference on Education for All (ICEFA), at University Malaya organized by UNESCO Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nil Nil CD ROM
2 Suleiman A. A. (2010). Social Networking Sites and Social Capital: An Appraisal of Nigerian University Students 2010 A conference paper presented at UUM/EDC/PND/ RUTST, 3LinCs 2010 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia First Nil CD ROM
3 Suleiman A. A., (2011). Leveraging Nigerian Education System: The Comparative Advantage. 2011 A conference paper presented at ICTLE, Universiti Tenaga Nasional Selangor, Malaysia Nil Nil CD ROM
4 Suleiman A. A., Manir A. K., and Usman M., (2012). Technophobia and ICT tools usage among University academic staff in Northern Nigeria 2012 A conference paper presented at British Educational Research Association Conference University of Manchester England, 2012 First Published British Education Initiative) http://www.leeds.ac.uk/educol/documents/211681.pdf
5 Suleiman A. A., (2013). Smart Teachers plus Smart Technologies Equals To Smart Students in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions 2013 A conference paper presented at 4th IJAS conference in Boston 2013 held at 10 garden streets, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA from May 26th through May 30th 2013. 4th Edition www.ijas2013harvard.sched.org/
6 Suleiman A. A., (2013). The Digital Generation and the Cyber Bully: The Nigerian College Students Experience 2013 A conference paper presented at 5th ICERI 2013 International Conference on Education and New technologies. Barcelona, Spain. 18 to 20 Nov 2013. 5th Edition www.iated.org/concrete2/session_details.php?session.id=32949
7 Suleiman A. A., (2014). Social Networking site usage and social capital: the role of Open University system in Nigeria 2014 A conference paper presented at ICOFE, 2014 Inaugural International conference on open and flexible education. Hong Kong SAR, China. 16th-19th January, 2014. Inaugural Proceeding (Published CD) ISBN 978-962-7707-99-8
8 Suleiman A. A., (2014). Social Networking Site Usage as Tool for Social Capital and Academic Adjustment in the Nigerian Context 2014 A conference paper presented On 17th-18th March 2014 at 21st Century Academic Forum CAF 2014 in Harvard University USA. Nil https://www.21caf.org/hrd-2014-conference-proceedings.html
9 Suleiman A. A., (2014). Holography and the Nigerian Education System 2014 A conference paper presented at Internation Conference on Higher Education ICHE 2014 in Radius Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24th-25th March 2014 First http://www.worldresearchconference.com
10 Suleiman A. A., Abdullahi I. M and Mohammed U., (2015). General attitude and acceptance of Holography in teaching in Nigerian Universities 2015 A conference paper presented at ACSET 2014 Osaka Japan Righa royal hotel Osaka Japan on 27th October 2014. Proceeding (Published CD) ISSN:2188-272x Second CD ISSN:2188-272x
11 Suleiman A. A., (2016). Social Media and Academic Adjustment: an assessment of Nigerian University’s Students. (Rethinking Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century 2016 A paper presented at South Africa International Conference on Education (SAICE) 2015 21st – 23rd September 2015. Held at Manhattan Hotel Pretoria, South Africa. Pp. 140-153. ISSN: 978-0-620-65950-5. 6th Edition http://aa-rf.org/wa_files/saice-2015-proceedings%20tech.pdf
12 Sani Abubakar and Suleiman A. A. (2020) Using ICT in Addressing Security Challenges in Katsina State Southern Senatorial Constituency 2020 A paper at 4th National Conference of Educational Foundations Department, held at Auditorium, Federal University Dutsin-Ma. On 20th December 2019 4th Edition Nil
13 Umar M. A. & Suleiman A. A. STRENGTHENING WOMEN EDUCATION WITH MOBILE TECHNOLOGY IN NORTHERN NIGERIA 2021 Presented at 41 st International Conference of Educational Media and Technology Association of Nigeria, held at Auditorium, Federal College of Education Kano. On 25 th to 28th October 2021 Nil

Public Lectures

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