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Lecturer I
A real Life Computer Application Researcher
Personal Details
Contact Details
Full Name: Olanrewaju Oyenike mary Email: oolanrewaju@fudutsinma.edu.ng
Gender: Female Mobile No.: +2347037693881
Marital Status: Married Contact Address: Department of Mathematical Sciences and IT. Federal University Dutsinma Katsina State Nigeria
Nationality: Nigerian
Place of Birth
State of Origin: Osun State: Osun
Local Govt.: Ife East Local Govt.: Ife East
Town/City: Modakeke Town/City: Modakeke
Extra Curricular Activities: Reading, Traveling  

S/N Cert. Type Awarding Institution Qualification Obtained Year Obtained
1 SSCE WAEC O/L 1984
2 Others WAEC A/L A/L 1985
3 1st Degree University of Ibadan B. Sc 1989
4 Masters Bayero University, kano M. Sc. 2011

Professional Qualifications
Pending or no information

Pending or no information

Working Experience
S/N Employer Position/Rank Responsibility From To
1 Nigerian - American Merchant Bank System Analyst Database Management 1990 1998
2 Saadatu Rimi College of Education Lecturer Teaching 2004 2008
3 Federal College of Education Technical Lecturer Teaching 2008 2012
4 Federal University Dutsinma Lecturer Teaching 2012 2018
5 Federal University Dutsinma Ag. HoD Administration 2015 2018

Community Services
S/N Description Participation Institution Date From Date To
1 Head of Systems Department Head NAMBL 1991 1998
2 Level Coordinator Coordination SRCOE 2004 2008
3 Exam Officer Examination coordination FUDMA 2012 2015
4 Head of Systems Department departmental headship(mathematical sciences) FUDMA 2015 2017
5 Disciplinary Committee Chairperson(dept) FUDMA 2015 2017
6 Accreditation Committee Member FUDMA 2015 2017
7 NCS Katsina state Coordinator Coordination NCS 2014 2017
8 University Senate Member FUDMA 2015 2017

Completed Research
S/N Title Start Date Completed Date
1 Effect of Computerization on Employment July 1988 September 1988
2 iii. Computerization of University of Ibadan Job Maintenance Schedule Feb. 1989 September 1989
3 Effect of Computer Assisted Tools On learning in Senior Secondary Schools. Jan 2006 August 2006
4 Design of Wireless Campus Network A Case Study of Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education 2007 2010
5 Online Examination Time Tabling Mar 2016 September 2016
6 Developing e-Educational Management system March 2015 September 2015
7 Comparative Study Of Content Management March 2017 August 2017
8 Development of safety driven intelligent vehicle-pedestrian traffic control Jan 2013 August 2017



Chapters in Book

Papers in Learned Journals
S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Name of Journal Page Number Edition Link/URL
1 Olanrewaju, O.M. Information and Communication Technology as an effective mechanism for female education and empowerment 2009 A Journal Of National Association Of Female Teachers (JONAFET), Vol. 1, No. 1. 107-113 Vol 1 NO 1
2 Olanrrewaju O.M. Design of a campus wireless networks- a case study of Sa’adatu Rimi College of Education. 2011 The Kumbotsho Journal Of Education, volume 3 number 1 23-34 Vol 3. NO 1 http://kutej.edu.ng/olanrewaju.pdf
3 Olanrrewaju O.M. Mobile Government Framework – A Step Towards Implementation of Mobile Government in Nigeria 2013 International Journal of Information Science, 89 - 99 Vol 3. NO 4 www.academia.edu/.../Mobile_Government_Framework_A_Step_Towards_Impleme...
4 Olanrewaju, O.M. and Adebiyi F. O. Impact of Mobile Information and Communication Technology on Cybercrime in Nigeria, JERT) 2014 International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology 586 - 595 Vol. 3. Issue 8 www.academia.edu/.../The_Impact_of_Mobile_Information_and_Communication_Te...
5 Olanrewaju O. M. and Airehrour D. O. Effect of Traffic Load on The Performance of Proactive, Reactive and Hybrid MANET Protocols 2014 SOP TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS 23-31 Vol. 1 NO 1 www.scipublish.com/journals/STOWC/papers/130
6 Fatokun J. O., Iyakino P. A., Olanrewaju O. M An Accurate Numerical Integrator For The Solution Of Black Scholes Financial Model 2015 Faculty Journal of Science & Educational Research (FJSER) 1-11 Vol. 1 NO 1
7 Obiniyi A. A., Olanrewaju O.M. Review of Mobile Ad Hoc Network Protocols 2015 IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE) 1-12 Vol. 17 Issue 2 ver 1 www.iosrjournals.org
8 Olanrewaju O. M., Obanla M.E., Akatakpo E. J Mathematical Research in Digital Age 2016 Global Journal of Computer Science and Technology 1-7 Vol 16 NO 2 https://computerresearch.org/index.php/computer/article/view/1422
9 Babatunde O.O., Olanrewaju O.M., Adebayo I.O. Transmission Control Protocol and Congestion: A Review of TCP Variants. 2016 International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security 127-135 Vol. 14 NO 3 https://www.academia.edu/24067226
10 Olanrewaju O. M., Obiniyi A. A. and Junaidu S. B. Estimating Pedestrian Delay Based On Vehicular Count 2016 FUDMA Journal of Science and Educational Research 156-162 Vol.2 NO 1
11 Olanrewaju O. M., Obiniyi A. A. and Junaidu S. B. Fuzzy Logic Concept for Safety Driven Vehicle-Pedestrian Traffic Interaction 2017 International Journal of Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) 24-28 Vol. 167 NO 1 www.ijcaonline.org/archives/volume167/number1/olanrewaju-2017-ijca-914058.pdf
12 Adebayo I. O., Olanrewaju O.M., Babatunde O.O. Simulation of Queuing Mechanism in Real Time applications 2016 FUDMA Journal of Science and Educational Research 236-245 Vol.2 NO 1(special)

Conference Proceedings

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