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Lecturer I
Dr Amase Lanior Emmanuel holds B.A (Hons) English from the University of Jos, Nigeria M.A and Ph.D Literature fron Benue State University.At present, he is a lecturer at the Fedral University Dutsinma, Katsina State Nigeria.
Personal Details
Contact Details
Full Name: Amase Lanior emmanuel Email: eamase@fudutsinma.edu.ng
Gender: Male Mobile No.: 07031286205
Marital Status: Married Contact Address: Department of Languages and Linguistics, Federal University Dutsin-ma, Katsina State, Nigeria.
Nationality: Nigerian
Place of Birth
State of Origin: Benue State: Benue
Local Govt.: Kwande Local Govt.: Kwande
Town/City: Adikpo Town/City: Adikpo
Extra Curricular Activities: Watching football  

S/N Cert. Type Awarding Institution Qualification Obtained Year Obtained
1 PhD Benue State University, Makurdi Ph.D Literature 2011
2 Masters Benue State University, Makurdi M.A.Literature 2002
3 1st Degree University of Jos, Jos B.A English 1990
4 Others School Of Basic Studies Makurdi. I.J.M.B.E 1986
5 GCE Madonna High School, Adagi "O" Level GCE 1984
6 FSLC L.G.E.D Primary School, Achia, Ikyurav-Ya FSLC 1979

Professional Qualifications
Pending or no information

Pending or no information

Working Experience
S/N Employer Position/Rank Responsibility From To
1 Federal University Dutsinma, Katsina State: Lecturer I Teaching and Research 2012 2017
2 University of Agriculture, Makurdi. Lecturer Teaching and Research 2011 2012
3 Benue State Government ADE Teaching 1996 2012

Community Services
S/N Description Participation Institution Date From Date To
1 Faculty Accreditation Committee member FUDMA 2014
2 FUDMA anthem Selection Committee Chairman FUDMA 2013
3 FUDMA News Bulletin Member FUDMA 2014 2017

Completed Research
S/N Title Start Date Completed Date
1 Ph.D Thesis 2004 2011
2 M.A Dissertation 1998 2002
3 B.A English Project 1987 1990


S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Publisher Edition
1 i. Amase, Emmanuel Lanior Tiv Heroic and Satirical Poetry 2013 Aboki Publishers, Makurdi.

Chapters in Book
S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Publisher Chapter Number Edition
1 ii. Nwabudike Christopher Eziafa, Emmanuel Amase, George Anaso, Godwin Ikyer, Kaan Theophilus, Victo Echoes from the Sahara. 2013 Aboki Publishers, Makurdi. 11-27
2 iii. Emmanuel Lanior Amase, Alexis Aondover Tsavmbu, Theophilus Aondover Kaan, Christopher Eziafa Nw An Introduction to English and Communication Skills for Tertiary Institutions 2015 Bahiti & Delila Publishers 107-119

Papers in Learned Journals
S/N Name (Authors) Title Year Name of Journal Page Number Edition Link/URL
1 1. Emmanuel Lanior Amase, Aondover Alexis Tsavmbu & Aondover Theophilus Kaan. “The Tiv Poet and Heroism: A Study of Inyamtswam Songs” 2016 International Journal of Comparative Literature & Translation Studies (IJCLTS) 58-66 Vol.4, No. 1 www.journals.aiac.org.au
2 Amase Emmanuel Lanior, Kaan Aondover Theophilus “Tiv Satire as a Tool for Social Control: A Study of Faga Adinge’s Song, “Chata-Man” 2013 International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Inventions (IJHSSI 1-7 Vol. 2, Issue 2, Version II www.ijhssi.org
3 3. Amase Emmanuel, Kaan Aondover,Nwabudike Christopher “African Literature and English Language: A Political-Literary Discourse” 2015 Journal of Nigeria English Studies Association (JNESA) 26-36 Vol. 17
4 4. Amase, Emmanuel Lanior. Tiv Elegiac Poetry” 2013 African Journal of History and Culture (AJHC) 57-65 Vol. 5 (3) www.academicjournals.org
5 5. Kaan Aondover Theophilus, Amase Emmanuel Lanior, Tsavmbu Alexis Aondover “Nigerian English: Identifying Semantic Features As Variety Markers” 2013 IOSR Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 76-80 Vol. 16, Issue 5, www.Iosrjournals.org.
6 6. Amase Lanior Emmanuel, Tsavmbu Aondover Alexis, Kaan Aondover Theophilus. “The Relationship between Language,Literature,Teacher Effectiveness and Quality Education 2014 Macrothink Institute, International Journal of Social Science Research (IJSSR 29-38 Vol. 2, No 1 http://dx.doi.org/10.5296/ijssr.v2i1.4633.
7 7. Amase Emmanuel Lanior, Tsavmbu Aondover Alexis., Kaan Aondover Theophilus. Is Zaynab Alkali Merely a Feminist Writer? An Appraisal of The Stillborn and The Virtuous Woman” 2014 International Journal of Applied Linguistics & English Literature (IJALEL) 188-194 Vol. 3 http://dx.doi.org/10.7575/aiac.ijalel.v.3n.3p.188
8 8. Tsavmbu Aondover Alexis, Amase Emmanuel Lanior.,Kaan Aondover Theophilus. Overcoming the Biological Trap: A Study of Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms and The Old Man and The Sea 2014 Advances in Language and Literary Studies (ALLS) 166-170 Vol. 5, No 2. http://dx.doi.org/10.7575/aiac.alls.v.5n.2p.166
9 9. Kaan, Aondover Theophilus, Amase Emmanuel Lanior, Tsavmbu Aondover Alexis. Multilingualism, Cultural Diversity, Language Identity and Loyalty in Nigeria: Issues and Prospects” 2014 Journal of Arts Management and Social Sciences (FUJAMSS) 2-11 Vol. 1 No 1
10 10. Aondover Theophilus Kaan, & Emmanuel Lanior Amase Ph.D “Nigerian Pidgin: A Revaluation of its Role in National Development.” 2015 In Salt of the System: Essays on Language, Literature and the Arts. A Festschrift in Honour of Professor Tyohdzuah Paulinius Akosu’s 60th Birthday 177-189
11 11. Tsavmbu, Aondover Alexis & Amase, Emmanuel Lanior Defining African Literature: A Study of Wole Soyinka’s Death and The King’s Horseman” 2016 Abuja Journal of English (AJE) 102-118 Vol.5, No 1

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